Robots, roaches, death, and taxes

They’re all inevitable.

Researchers at UC Berkeley

[have created] a new generation of robots that help each other perform tasks they wouldn’t be able to carry out by themselves. “The two connected robots can raise the front robot over the top of the step, while a single robot can only pitch upward against the step,” states an upcoming study detailing the VelociRoACH’s capabilities. The connected winch is then used by the front robot to pull the second robot up the step before detaching the magnetic tether.


But that’s not the only amazing discovery. Eurocrats in Brussels continue doing what they do best: They find new things to tax, in this case, robots. Just imagine if you could tax robot cockroaches!

Robots in Europe may soon be given legal rights and considered “electronic persons,” following a draft report from the European Parliament that aims to address the rise of automated workers.

Under the plans, bosses would be required to pay social security on their robot workers’ behalf, as well as adhere to new taxation rules and legal liability frameworks.

But if you tax robot roaches, do you have to let them vote? Can they run for EU Parliament?

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