Pokemon Go gets religion

Religion, sex, and politics were once the topics avoided in polite conversation. Now we can add Pokemon Go the list. According to The Register, Pokemon Go has attracted the attention of religious leaders worldwide.


Pokemon’s potential for precipitating the end of civilization has been starkly highlighted as the world’s major religions begin to take up positions on the game which sees grownups wandering the planet in pursuit of non-existent entities.


Time reports that Saudi clerics have taken a stand against the game, reiterating a pre-existing fatwa against the Pokemon phenomena. The 2001 edict said Pokemon violated Islamic law, due to references to evolution and the use of various religious symbols. It has now been bounced to the top of the General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars’ website.

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 Isn’t it nice to know that Saudi clerics are taking on the really big problems in their region?


Fortunately, Pokemon Go seems to be OK for Catholics.


The US Catholic Online website, which is not necessarily representative of mainstream Catholic thinking, has taken a cold, hard look at the game, and was forced to the conclusion that while the game does not necessarily “reinforce” Catholic teaching, it doesn’t explicitly undermine it either, and while the world is full of dangers for children, “Pokemon Go isn’t one of them.”


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