Is your reality augmented yet?

If reality is for people who can’t handle drugs, augmented reality (as used in Pokemon Go) might be for people who can’t handle either reality OR drugs. But the Pokemon Go craze has put a spotlight on what augmented reality is and is not. It has had very little impact on regular reality, so I’m afraid you’re still stuck with that.

According to, everyone needs to start paying more attention to augmented reality. When they’re not busy crashing into people playing Pokemon Go.


The potential for marketers to meld their messages with the physical world through augmented-reality technology is massive. Whether it’s through an app like Pokemon Go, or some other form of augmented reality, innovative brands are already looking for new ways to integrate themselves into real-world experiences with a digital filter to create new experiences.

Meanwhile says that we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the potential of augmented reality.


Amidst the fervor created by the Pokémon Go app, Signia Venture Partners cofounder Sunny Dhillon shared an important perspective with his July 14 story, “Stop referring to Pokémon Go as augmented reality.” Yes the popularity of this game gives us a glimpse into consumers’ hunger for AR games, but the technology to interact with the real world is just not there yet.

He says that in the future, AR will be more than just a game.


Image recognition enabled by unsupervised learning will make driverless cars exponentially safer. Cars will spot pedestrians with complete clarity, perfectly identify road debris, and follow detours that may not yet be mapped.


In the medical field, doctors in the midst of surgical procedures will be able to get real-time information and comparisons from hundreds of related operations – guiding doctors based on challenges and solutions found all over the world.

Even if augmented reality doesn’t revolutionize medicine right away, it might help us pass the time while we wait until 2 pm for our 10 am appointment

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