5 fun, fake facts about marrying your robot sweetheart

Experts predict that it’ll be legal to marry your favorite robot by 2050. If you thought human marriages weren’t difficult enough, being married to a robot will be a REAL rollercoaster.

Here are some things you’ll want to think about for a few decades before tying the knot with R2D2.

  1. You’ll always know who’s wrong—Yep, that’ll be you. No point having those endless arguments over I-did or you-didn’t, or who-brought-the-subject-up-first.
  2. Pretending to listen won’t work anymore—Robots hear everything and remember every word. “Yes, Dear” won’t get you there.
  3. No bathroom sharing—Unless robots learn to do THAT too!
  4. You’ll need to control the online shopping—Your robot partner will automatically buy you stuff you never knew you wanted. At your expense, naturally.
  5. Xbox jealousy—Will robot spouses be less possessive than the old-fashioned kind? I wouldn’t bet on it.
  6. The wedding presents are lame—Forget the bottle of bubbly, you’ll get to share a wedding night can of WD-40.
  7. When romance dies, you can change the battery—Want to go back to that magical first date? Just reboot! But it you do, your robot spouse still won’t remember your anniversary.

What surprises do YOU expect when robot marriage arrives? Tell us in the comments.


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